Women and Men 2


& Men 2

A film by Mike Figgis

Mike Figgis’s short film, Mara, is based on Henry Miller’s short story
Mara-Marignan from his novel Quiet Days in Clichy. The film was produced by HBO Showcase and appeared as the third short in their collection Women and Men 2.


Henry (Scott Glenn) is in Paris working on a book and hoping to reconnect with June his ex, who has moved on to another relationship. One evening he sees a young prostitute Mara (Juliette Binoche) being threatened by other prostitutes. Henry steps in and saves Mara. She is grateful and agrees to join him in a local restaurant.


The pair begin talking and start to get to know each other. Before long Mara’s deep pain is revealed. She is a Jewish immigrant from Poland who has turned to prostitution due to her poor circumstances in Paris.


Later in the evening she brings Henry to a local bar and as the night progresses they grow ever closer. Back on the streets their evening together takes a turn neither expects. Women and Men 2 presents three tales of promises fulfilled, passion denied and pain reconciled.


Scott Glenn


Juliette Binoche

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