The Son
OF No One

A film by Dito Montiel

Serve. Protect. Lie.


In this searing police thriller, Jonathan (Channing Tatum) is a second-generation cop who gets in over his head when he’s assigned to re-open a double homicide cold case in his Queens neighbourhood. An anonymous source feeding new information on the long-unsolved murders to local reporter, Loren Bridges (Juliette Binoche), leads to evidence suggesting a possible cover-up by the former lead detective (Al Pacino), who was on the investigation. As Jonathan digs deeper into the assignment, a dark secret about the case emerges, which threatens to destroy his life and his family.


The Son of No One is both a captivating character piece and a cleverly crafted suspense thriller in which there are no completely good guys or bad guys, but rather all the key characters are painted in varying shades of grey. As director Dito Montiel explains, “It starts off in 1986 about two kids living in the Queensbridge projects in Astoria, Queens, who kill two people and get away with it. The rest of the film concerns how they deal with that as adults in 2002 when something occurs that impacts their lives and all the people around them.”


For the role of the journalist, Bridges, who’s investigating the 1986 killings and the possible police involvement, Juliette Binoche was an unlikely piece of casting, given that Montiel originally wrote the part for an American — and a man. “When I first wrote the script I had the character as a guy and it was written for a particular actor who I thought would be great in the role. Then one day I had an idea that a woman who wasn’t from New York, maybe not even an American, might make it more interesting. And Juliette Binoche just came to mind. I became obsessed with getting her for the film. I don’t know quite how, but we got lucky enough for it to happen. When she said yes, I was amazed and excited. There were just a few days filming with her, but she did a great job in this pivotal role.”


The Son of No One premièred at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival.

Jonathan ‘Milk’ White

Channing Tatum

Captain Marion Mathers

Ray Liotta

Kerry White

Katie Holmes


Tracy Morgan

Juliette Binoche
as Loren Bridges

Al Pacino
as Detective Charles Stanford

The Son of No One
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