Project update 18 december 2016


Claire Denis has cast Gérard Depardieu to appear opposite
Juliette Binoche in Les lunettes noires


Annack Demars for France 3 reports that Claire Denis collaboration with Juliette Binoche will begin shooting in January 2017 with Gérard Depardieu and Xavier Beauvois also cast.


An adaptation of Roland Barthes's Fragments d'un discours amoureux, Claire Denis's film will be titled Les lunettes noir (Dark Glasses) and will film for 7 weeks in Paris and Guéret. Curiosa Films are producing the film which is due for completion by Autumn 2017.


Juliette Binoche and Gérard Depardieu have a curious past. In 2010 Depardieu made very disparaging remarks about her to the Austrian magazine Profil, saying "Please can you explain to me what the mystery of Juliette Binoche is meant to be?" he said. "I would really like to know why she has been so esteemed for so many years. She has nothing – absolutely nothing".


In response Juliette Binoche told Empire, "I don't know him. I understand you don't have to like everyone and you can dislike someone's work. But I don't understand the violence [of his statements]... I do not understand why he is behaving like this. It is his problem."


Read France 3 report (French)

Juliette Binoche and Gérard Depardieu photographed in 1997

Trailer Premiere 29 July 2016


Ghost in the Shell trailer première...

Juliette Binoche for Omoye

News 14 NOVEMBER 2016


Juliette Binoche has been revealed as the new face of Omoye


Omoye cosmetics which benefit from the use of African botanicals have revealed Juliette Binoche as their new brand ambassador.


Omoye, which means "with the gods" in Swahili, is a French produced line of cosmetics which use 25 different plant extracts from the African continent.


Juliette Binoche says of her involvement with Omoye, "This was a real case  of love at first sight: for Africa, for discovering new plants, for a natural organic brand that finally combines effectiveness, safety and pleasure."


Find out more at the the official Omoye website

Juliette Binoche is the new face of Omoye

News 10 October 2016


Juliette Binoche will appear in an adaptation of Roland Barthes's Fragments d´un discours amoureux to be directed by Claire Denis... and other updates


In an interview given at the 13th International Jameson CineFest in Miskolc, Hungary, Juliette Binoche revealed tantalizing news of her next significant collaborations.


Having spent time in Hungary with the acclaimed director Béla Tarr she hopes he will come out of retirement to work on an as yet unnamed project. This would of course be a career highlight for Juliette Binoche as she has cited Tarr's The Turin Horse as one of her favourite films of all time. As yet, there is no confirmation or details of this project.


In more specific news Juliette Binoche divulged that she will next appear in Claire Denis's adaptation of Roland Barthes's 1977 work Fragments d´un discours amoureux (A Lovers Discourse). Barthes's work is a list of fragments both from literature and from Barthes's own philosophical thoughts that illustrate a lover's point of view in different scenarios.


No details on casting or production have yet been given. Denis is of course a leading light of French auteur cinema and director of such acclaimed films as White Material and Trouble Everyday.


Binoche also announced that she will produce her first film with Malgoska Szumowska who previously directed her in Elles. No details of this project, including whether Binoche will act in the film, have been clarified. Based on previous information this could be one of two projects, the anthology film Together Now to be produced by We Do It Together a production company in which Binoche has an advisory role. Alternatively during promotion of Olivier Assayas's Sils Maria, Binoche mentioned a collaboration with Szumowska called Soeurs (Sisters). No further details were provided.


Recently Juliette Binoche has confirmed that she will appear in Season 2 of Dix pour cent (known internationally as Call My Agent) the popular French TV series co-written by Dominique Besnehard and starring Camille Cottin. Besnehard was Juliette Binoche's first agent and introduced her to both Jacques Doillon and  André Téchiné who cast her in La Vie de famille and Rendez-Vous repectively. Camille Cottin and Juliette Binoche recently wrapped filming together on Noémie Saglio's Telle mère, telle fille due to premiere in Spring 2017.


Details of Juliette Binoche's role in Dix pour cent have not yet been confirmed. Fabrice Luchini and Isabelle Adjani have also been lined up to appear in Season 2.


Juliette Binoche will next be seen on French screens in a small role in Polina, danser sa vie directed by Valérie Müller and Angelin Preljocaj which will be released on 16 November 2016.

Juliette Binoche

Juliette Binoche at CineFest Miskolc

Claire Denis

Claire Denis

Roland Barthes

Roland Barthes

Dix pour cent

The cast of Dix pour cent

Trailer Premiere 29 July 2016


Polina, danser sa vie trailer première...

News 10 July 2016


Jacques Rouffio, director of Mon beau-frère a tué ma sœur, dies aged 87


Jacques Roufio, who directed Juliette Binoche early in her career, died 8 July 2016.


Director of nine feature films between the 1970s and 1980s, Rouffio's most memorable films included 7 morts sur ordonnance and Romy Schneider's final film La passante du Sans-Souci.


Mon beau-frère a tué ma sœur is a screwball comedy that parodies the popular French detective genre. Juliette Binoche appeared as a young muse to characters played by French cinema legends Michel Serrault and Michel Piccoli.


Read more at France 3 (French)

Mon beau-frère a tué ma soeur
Mon beau-frère a tué ma soeur

Above: Jacques Rouffio
Below: Michel Piccoli, Juliette Binoche, Michel Serrault in Mon beau-frère a tué ma sœur

Above: Jacques Rouffio
Below: Michel Piccoli, Juliette Binoche, Michel Serrault in Mon beau-frère a tué ma sœur

Copie conforme

News 4 JULY 2016


Abbas Kiarostami, director of Copie conforme, dies aged 76


The Palme d'Or winning director Abbas Kiarostami has died in Paris at the age of 76.


Kiarostami directed Juliette Binoche to her Cannes Best Actress prize in his Italy set romantic connundrum Copie conforme. Binoche also appeared in his experimental film Shirin.


Kiarostami also directed such acclaimed classics as Taste of Cherry, Ten and Close-Up.


Read The Guardian news report by Andrew Pulver and Saeed Kamali Dehghan


Read a dedication by Peter Bradshaw of The Guardian


Abbas Kiarostami and Juliette Binoche on the set of Copie conforme 2009

New Project 3 July 2016


Piero Messina reveals that he is preparing his second film, starring Juliette Binoche once again


In an interview with Australia's SBS on the occasion of the Australian release of L'attesa, director Piero Messina has given some interesting insights in to how L'attesa was made and how an initially difficult working relationship with Juliette Binoche became very fruitful.


L'attesa was released in Australian cinemas on June 28 under the English language title The Wait. Piero Messina mentions that Juliette Binoche will appear in his next film. No further information is given, but given that it is almost two years since L'attesa was shot, it is likely that Messina is currently actively developing the film. L'attesa is due in UK cinemas on 8 July.


Read the full SBS interview with Piero Messina by Fiona Williams


Meanwhile Juliette Binoche is busy filming Noémie Saglio's comedy Telle mère, telle fille with Camille Cottin and Lambert Wilson. In an interview with Les Inrocks, Wilson describes the pleasure of working with Binoche over 30 years after André Téchiné's Rendez-vous.


Read the full Les Inrocks interview with Lambert Wilson by Jean-Baptiste Morain (subscription)


Juliette Binoche and director Piero  Messina on the set of L'attesa

Juliette Binoche

New project 15 MAY 2016


Juliette Binoche, Robin Wright and Freida Pinto announce new anthology film Together Now


Following the announcement in February 2016 that she was part of the new female driven production company We Do It Together, the first film project was announced today reports Gregg Kilday for The Hollywood Reporter from Cannes.


Together Now will be an anthology film directed by women and each starring a famous actress, including Juliette Binoche and Freida Pinto. Directors on-board include Robin Wright, Catherine Hardwicke, Malgoska Szumowska and Patricia Riggen. Details of each anthology and the cast have not yet been released.


Read more about We Do It Together


Read the full The Hollywood Reporter article

Juliette Binoche at Cannes 2016

Ma Loute



Bruno Dumont's Ma Loute premières in competition at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival


Unlucky for some, Friday 13 turned out to be a beautiful day on the French Riviera as Bruno Dumont's eight feature film premièred before the press in the morning and at a Red Carpet Gala in the evening.


Generally Ma Loute has been enthusiastically received, especially by French critics, although there have been some detractors including scathing reviews from The Film Stage and Little White Lies. However, the positive atmosphere at the official Press Conference and glowing write ups from Cahiers du Cinéma, Le Monde and Les Inrocks firmly place the film in line for possible awards in numerous categories, most likely Best Director and Best Actor.

The day began with a Canal+ Interview:

Fabrice Luchini and Juliette Binoche present Ma Loute at Cannes

Canal+ Interview with director and cast - 13 May 2016

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Juliette Binoche proved a major attraction with the international press at the photocall:

Photocall with international press - 13 May 2016

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Director and cast answered questions at the traditional press conference:

Press conference - 13 May 2016

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The day ended with the glamour of the Red Carpet:

Red carpet arrivals - 13 May 2016

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New project 12 MAY 2016


Juliette Binoche and Camille Cottin will star in Noémie Saglio's comedy Telle mère, telle fille


In an interview with La Parisien, Juliette Binoche announced that she will next appear in Noémie Saglio's third film titled Telle mère, telle fille.


The French language comedy is due to begin shooting on 6 June for 10 weeks in Paris. The film will also star rising French star Camille Cottin who appeared in Saglio's Connasse, Princesse des cœurs.


Further details and casting details coming soon.

Camille Cotin

New project 12 MAY 2016


Juliette Binoche reveals that Hirokazu Koreeda is developing a film in which she will star alongside Catherine Deneuve and Ethan Hawke


Speaking with Paris Match to discuss her new film Ma Loute, Juliette Binoche reveals that Japanese director Hirokazu Koreeda is developing an intriguing new film.


Having seen her performance in Olivier Assayas's Sils Maria, Koreeda has been inspired to write a script that will unite Juliette Binoche and Catherine Deneuve on screen for the first time.


Deneuve is to play an actress while Binoche will portray her daughter, a writer. Ethan Hawke is also attached to star in the as yet un-named film. Currently in development, the film will shoot in the next 2 or 3 years.

Juliette Binoche

Juliette Binoche

Advertising NEWS 25 April 2016


Juliette Binoche is the French voice of the 2016 Olympics in 4 new TV spots


Following her recent voiceover work for premium champagne brand Veuve Clicquot, Juliette Binoche now lends her voice to a series of aspirational public service announcement style spots highlighting the upcoming Rio Games.


To coincide with the Olympic torch lighting in Olympia, Greece, the International Olympic Committee released a series of public service announcements showcasing the Olympic Games as a force of good that aims to build a better world through sport. The TV spots, meant to inspire, evoke emotion, and engage people around the world, are a lead-up to the Olympic Games 2016 that kick off August 5, in Rio de Janeiro.


Created by WPP’s VML, they introduces the theme, “Together We Can Change the World.” Timo Lumme, Managing Director, IOC Television and Marketing Services, said: “In sharing this message with the world, the IOC aims to demonstrate that the Olympic values are here to light a torch for all of us. The Olympic Movement is here to break down walls and build bridges; and through this emotive campaign we hope audiences will be inspired to learn more and see that together we can change the world.”


VML enlisted Questlove as executive producer to create the soundtrack for the spots by re-recording the song, “The Fire,” originally by Questlove and The Roots, by top recording artists from across the five continents, including:  Yuna, Asia; Lenny Kravitz, Americas; NNeka, Africa; Corinne Bailey Rae, Europe, and Diogo Nogueiro, Brazil.


The voiceover has been recorded in French, English, Spanish and Portuguese, featuring celebrities Juliette Binoche, Uma Thurman, Paz Vega and  Tais Araujo.


The four films: "Ensemble" ("Together"), "Soufle" ("Breath"), "Respect" ("Respect") and "Compter les étoiles" ("Counting Stars"), each tell the story of core Olympic values and their role in uniting the world through sport.



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"Compter les étoiles"

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Juliette Binoche - production company We Do It Together
Juliette Binoche - production company We Do It Together

NEW PROJECT 15 April 2016


Juliette Binoche signs to appear in Rupert Sanders's adaptation of manga anime classic Ghost in the Shell


Juliette Binoche has signed to appear in a supporting role in Rupert Sander's adaptation of Ghost in the Shell which stars Scarlett Johansson and Michael Pitt. Production has started in New Zealand reports Allison Keene of Collider.


Produced by Dreamworks and distributed internationally by Paramount the film toplines Johansson as Major, a special ops leader who also happens to be a unique human-cyborg hybrid. Alongside Binoche, Michael Pitt, Beat Takeshi Kitano, Pilou Asbæk and Kaori Momoi.


Already filming in New Zealand, Ghost in the Shell is due for release on 31 March 2017



Read the article

Scarlett Johansson in Ghost in the Shell

Festival NEWS 15 April 2016


Bruno Dumont's Ma Loute starring Juliette Binoche and Fabrice Luchini is to premiere in competition at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival


In what can only be described as a positive sign, Bruno Dumont's Ma Loute is to compete in the main competition at the Cannes Film Festival in may of this year.


Juliette Binoche has a rich tradition at Cannes. In 2007 and 2010 she appeared on the official poster, she opened the festival in 1994 and of course won the coveted Best Actress award at the 2010 edition. Her first big success at the festival was André Téchiné's Rendez-Vous in 1985 which launched her career. Code inconnu (2000), Caché (2005), Copie conforme (2010), Cosmopolis (2012) and Sils Maria (2014) all premièred in competition while Le voyage du ballon rouge opened the prestigious Un Certain Regard section in 2007.


Learn more at the official Festival de Cannes site.

Ma Loute

Juliette Binoche in Ma Loute

Trailer Premiere 30 March 2016


Ma Loute trailer première.


The trailer for the highly anticipated Ma Loute (Slack Bay) has premièred and here it is! The film stars Juliette Binoche and Fabrice Luchini and is directed by Bruno Dumont. More details soon...

Awards NEWS 22 MARCH 2016


Juliette Binoche is nominated for Best Actress in the 2016 Donatello Awards for her role in L'attesa


Juliette Binoche follows her Goya nomination with a Best Actress nod at this year's David di Donatello Awards, the Italian equivalent of the Oscars, for her role in Piero Messina's L'attesa reports Gabriele Niola of Screen International.


L'attesa, Piero Messina's critically acclaimed Sicilian drama, has also scored a nomination in the Best New Director category. The winners will be announced on 18 April 2016 in a ceremony that will be televised in Italy on Sky.


Read the full Screendaily article.


Juliette Binoche in L'attesa

Juliette Binoche - production company We Do It Together

NEWS 22 March 2016


Juliette Binoche and other French personalities take part in a campaign to heighten awareness of Autism


Juliette Binoche, Samuel le Bihan, Lambert Wilson and several other personalities have taken part in a new campaign to heighten awareness of Autism in France.


S.O.S. Autisme is a French organisation to spread awareness and understanding about Autism and provide support for those with the condition and their families.


Learn about the campaign at

S.O.S. Autisme

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Advertising NEWS 9 March 2016


Juliette Binoche has been revealed as the voice of Veuve Clicquot in a new online campaign


The premium champagne brand Veuve Clicquot has enlisted the voice of Juliette Binoche in an effort is to appeal to younger adult drinkers through a new digital promotional campaign.


Three advertisements – featured below – set out to portray the luxury drink as one accessible to millennials, rather than a formal beverage for more senior consumers. The titles of the videos are On Making an Impression, On Entertaining, and On Negotiating respectively. Juliette Binoche provides a voice-over as the eponymous Veuve (widow) who pioneered the champagne house after her husband’s death.


John Noe, advertising agency Rokkan’s CEO, said that the videos attempt to "break the formality surrounding champagne consumption. Millennials across the world follow their convictions, not convention, just as Madame Clicquot lived life without being limited by the expectations of others.”


Jean-Marc Gallot, CEO of Veuve Clicquot, said, “At Veuve Clicquot, we honour tradition and hold strict standards, but we remain firmly focused on the future. With this new campaign, we want to engage our growing international consumer base in a way we never have before, to bring a new spirit to an even wider new audience, without ever forgetting what has always made us great."


Juliette Binoche said, “Madame Clicquot was a real and courageous woman, a first in so many ways. In running her business, she flouted the establishment. And in trying to expand it, she even outran blockades! All while creating meaningful and lasting institutions like champagne vintages, and rosé champagne. Being able to bring her voice to life was exciting, and I hope these videos inspire viewers as I was inspired by Madame Clicquot’s daring life”.

"Madame Clicquot On Making An Impression"

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"Madame Clicquot On Entertaining"

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"Madame Clicquot On Negotiating"

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Juliette Binoche
Jessica Chastain -  production company We Do It Together

Juliette Binoche and Jessica Chastain



Juliette Binoche, Jessica Chastain, Queen Latifah, Freda Pinto and others launch new production company We Do It Together


Juliette Binoche, Jessica Chastain and Queen Latifah topline an impressive list of film talent committed to supporting the new non-profit production company We Do It Together, dedicated to the empowerment of women on the screen and in the film and entertainment industry reports Anita Busch of


We Do It Together say they will raise capital from grants, governments, corporate sponsors, and individual donations to invest in the production of films, proceeds from which will be reinvested in the company to create a self-sustaining organization, prepared to invest in additional films. The first film through this new company will be announced at the 2016 Cannes International Film Festival.


Juliette Binoche, Jessica Chastain, Catherine Hardwicke, Ziyi Zhang, Freida Pinto, Queen Latifah, Malgoska Szumowska (Elles), Marielle Heller and Amma Asante and others will serve on an advisory board tasked with highlighting talent, funding and creating regional impact.


Sitting on the board of directors of We Do It Together are producer Albert Berger; DDA Partner Dana Archer; The Gersh Agency’s Sandra Lucchesi; Mosaic manager Paul Nelson; Producer-Director Carol Polakoff; Primetime Emmy-winning producer Shelby Stone; producer and philanthropist Tilesi; and Septembers of Shiraz writer and producer Hanna Weg.


Read the full article

Advertising NEWS 9 March 2016


Juliette Binoche has been revealed as the face of the 41st César awards.


In a press release today from the Académie des Arts et Techniques du Cinéma, Juliette Binoche has been revealed as the face of the 41st Cérémonie des César.


"There are few actresses so talented, elegant, intelligent, sensitive and graceful in our world cinema. The biggest international festivals and international academies have commended and rewarded her work", begins the release, "The Académie des Arts et Techniques du Cinéma  is honoured and happy to present her for the 41st celebration of French cinema's greatest talents."


The poster features an image in black and white taken by Brigitte Lacombe on the set of The English Patient in 1995. Juliette Binoche won a César in 1994 for her role in Trois Couleurs Bleu.

Binoche contributes to Charlie Hebdo



Bruno Dumont's Ma Loute is one of 2016s most anticipated films and likely to première at Cannes 2016


The cover of the January 2016 edition of the French magazine Cahiers du Cinéma features
a sensational still from Bruno Dumont's Ma Loute starring Juliette Binoche and Fabrice Luchini.
A bloodied Juliette Binoche runs along a beach seemingly in a moment of rapture.


The magazine lists Dumont's films as one of the "most anticipated" films of 2016.


Meanwhile Gala predicts that the film  will in fact open the 2016 Cannes Film Festival. Ma Loute is a black comedy about cannibalism and family politics set in the Slack Bay area on the northern French coast. Juliette Binoche stars alongside Fabrice Luchini and Valeria Bruni Tedeschi. Binoche and Dumont previously made Camille Claudel 1915 to critical acclaim.


Cahiers du Cinema January 2016


Read the full Gala report (French)

Cahiers du Cinéma January 2016

Awards NEWS 6 February 2016


Juliette Binoche attends the Goya awards where Isabel Coixet's drama Endless Night picked up 4 awards


Juliette Binoche attended the annual Goya Awards, the Spanish Academy Awards, where she was nominated in the Best Actress category for her performance in Endless Night.


Although Isabel Coixet's film missed out on the main awards including Best Film, Best Director and Best Actress, the film did manage to win an impressive 4 awards including Best Original Score for Lucas Vidal.


Truman directed by Cesc Gay won Best film while Best Actress went to Natalia de Molina who announced from the stage, "I was happy just to be able to see Juliette Binoche in person!"


Read the full The Hollywood Reporter article

Juliette Binoche at the Goya Awards in Madrid on 6 February 2016

NEWS 4 January 2016


Juliette Binoche has contributed to a commemorative edition a year after the Charlie Hebdo attacks


Henry Samuel in Paris reports that Juliette Binoche and several other personalities have contributed to the controversial publication in an edition to commemorate the first anniversary of the attacks.


“We are at an impasse where we can’t see a way out. No doubt there isn’t one, so we must seek inside ourselves and every day take the time to look, to spare a smile or a kind thought,” wrote Juliette Binoche, who said that “feelings of peace and images of kindness” were the best antidote to “anger and chaos”.


The issue also contains contributions from Charlotte Gainsbourg, Isabelle Adjani and Karin Viard alongside novelist Salman Rushdie and Culture Minister Fleur Pélerin.


A year after 12 people were murdered at the publication's offices in Paris, it seems the weekly published satirical magazine has lost none of it's bite


Read the full The Telegraph report

Binoche contributes to Charlie Hebdo

Charlie Hebdo 1st anniversary edition

DISTRIBUTION NEWS 15 December 2015


Oscilloscope Laboratories brings L'attesa to the US following successful Italian and French runs


Oscilloscope Laboratories has acquired U.S. rights to the Italian drama L'attesa starring Juliette Binoche and Lou


Piero Messina's debut film continues to achieve successes remarkable for a first time director. Following a Venice Film Festival première in September 2015 and slots at the BFI London Film Festival and the Toronto International Film Festival the film has been acquired for the key US territory where it's notoriously difficult to distribute subtitled films.


L'attesa will be released in the US in Spring 2016 around the same time as it's released in the UK and Ireland, Canada and Australia. The film was released as L'Attente to strong reviews in France in December 2015.


Read the full Variety article


Juliette Binoche in L'attesa

Endless Night

Juliette Binoche and Gabriel Byrne in Endless Night

AWARD NOMINATION 14 December 2015


Juliette Binoche has been nominated for a Spanish Goya Award for Best Actress for her performance in Isabel Coixet's Endless Night


John Hopewell of Variety reports that Juliette Binoche has been nominated for a Goya Award for her English language performance in Isabel Coixet's Endless Night.


Coixet's epic film has scored an impressive 9 nominations including Best Film, Best Director and Best Score for Lucas Vidal. The Best Actress category also includes Inma Cuesta, (The Bride), Penelope Cruz, (Ma ma), Natalia de Molina, (Food).


Endless Night has had a chequered history. The film premièred at the 2015 Berlin Film Festival where it opened the main competition. Reviews were poor and sales agents Elle Driver withdrew support. A recut version now with a narration by Juliette Binoche was launched by Metro Films International and was released to more positive reviews in Spain on 27 November 2015.


The Goya Award ceremony will take place on 6 Feb 2016.


Read the full Variety article

Premiere 9 NOVEMBER 2015


Juliette Binoche attends the première of
Patricia Riggen's The 33 at the AFI Fest in Los Angeles


Based on the events that transfixed the world in 2010, Patricia Riggen's film, The 33, sees Juliette Binoche play María Segovia sister of trapped Chilean miner Darío Segovia reports Debbie Emery of The Wrap.


The 33 tells the harrowing true story of the Copiapó mining accident in 2010, when a group of Chilean miners spent 69 days trapped underground. Starring Antonio Banderas, Rodrigo Santoro, Cote de Pablo and Gabriel Byrne, The 33 has been met with mixed reviews according to


The screenwriting team included Dallas Buyers Club co-writer Craig Borten and Ladyhawke and Backbeat writer Michael Thomas, adapted The 33 in part from Héctor Tobar’s authorised 2014 book Deep Down Dark.


Read the full The Wrap article

Antonio Banderas, Kate del Castillo, Rodrigo Santoro and Juliette Binoche

Pearl S. Buck

Casting News 4 MAY 2015


Juliette Binoche is Nobel Laureate Pearl S. Buck in biopic directed by Roxanne Messina Captor


Pearl, written and directed Roxanne Messina Captor will feature Juliette Binoche as Pearl S. Buck who won the Pulitzer Price for her novel The Good Earth in 1931 reports Dave McNary of Variety.


Scheduled to begin production in Spring 2016 in the Zhejiang Province, Shanghai and Prague with Leehom Wang and Jing Tian set to co-star.


Buck spent most of her life in China, first as a missionary and later as a novelist who started writing to support her mentally challenged daughter in a special school. The story will take place following the Nanking Incident in 1927, which launched the struggle known as the “Ten Years Civil War” between Communists and Nationalists.


Read the full Variety article

Casting News 7 April 2015


Bruno Dumont casts Juliette Binoche, Fabrice Luchini and Valeria Bruni Tedeschi in black comedy Ma Loute


Bruno Dumont is reuniting with Juliette Binoche for his ensemble black comedy being shot on location in the Slack Bay area on the northern coast of France, reports Melanie Goodfellow of Screen International.


The quirky, dark comedy revolves around an investigation into a series of mysterious disappearances on the beaches of northern France. Following the mysterious disappearance of several tourists as they relax on the bay’s beautiful beaches, famous inspectors Machin and Malfoy are called in to investigate.


Their enquiries bring them in to contact with two families from opposite sides of the social spectrum: the troublemaking Bréfort ferrymen clan, led by a patriarch nicknamed “The Eternal”, and the Van Peteghems, a decadent, bourgeois family who spend every summer in their imposing holiday mansion overlooking the bay.


When the Bréforts’ most boisterous son Ma Loute and the Van Peteghem’s mischievous daughter Billie embark on a peculiar love story, the lives of both families are unexpectedly shaken to the core.


Juliette Binoche, who previously starred in Dumont’s Camille Claude 1915, will play matriarch Aude Van Peteghem. The film is due to shoot on location in the Summer months with a view to a Cannes 2016 launch. Memento Films International are handling world sales.


Read the full Screen International article

Juliette Binoche and Bruno Dumont

Fabrice Luchini
and Valeria Bruni Tedeschi

Angelin Preljocaj

Niels Schneider

Casting News 15 JANUARY 2015


Juliette Binoche joins cast of Angelin Preljocaj’s feature debut Polina co-directed with Valérie Müller


Elsa Keslassy of Variety reports that Juliette Binoche has been cast in the debut film by famed choreographer Angelin Preljocaj who will co-direct with his wife Valérie Muller.


An adaptation of the popular French comicbook, Polina will topline Anastasia Shevtsoda, a Russian dancer. Cast will be completed by Niels Schneider (Heartbeats) et Jérémie Belingard, who are both ballet dancers at the Paris Opera.


Co-directed and co-written by Preljocaj and Müller, the film opens in Moscow in the early 90’s and follows the journey of Polina, a gifted ballerina from a modest background who joins the prestigious school of Professor Bojinsky and becomes a Bolshoi dancer at 18. Pic turns on Polina’s love story with a French dancer who initiates her to contemporary dance and leads her to travel to different parts of the world. Juliette Binoche will appear as a choreographer Liria Elsaj.


Read the full Variety article

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