Juliette Binoche: The Art of the Being
Mademoiselle Julie


Fröken Julie



Directed by Fréderic Fisbach   Written by August Strindberg


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Juliette Binoche and the internationally acclaimed contemporary dancer and choreographer Akram Khan joined forces to create a major new work of dance theatre, in-i, which had its world premiere at the National Theatre in London on 18 September 2008 before embarking on an international tour including performances in Paris, Luxembourg, New York, Brussels, Sydney, Tokyo and Seoul.


"I never know what I'm capable of doing before I do it." These words, spoken by Juliette Binoche , capture the intrepid spirit-indeed the daring-behind in-i, an intensely visceral dance-theater work conceived, directed, and performed by Binoche and Khan. Together, these charismatic artists arrive at something entirely new, as an actor dances and a dancer acts.


Incandescent and delicate, Binoche moves with surprising force, always in lockstep with Khan's virtuosity and power. Accompanied by an evocative, mercurial score and performed before a luminous wall designed by British sculptor Anish Kapoor, the couple's exchanges are thrust into relief, revealing the intricacies of a doomed love affair, in all its glory and all its pain.


"The idea of creating a personal art form is very exciting. The concept may change, but will be rooted in the encounter between the visible and the invisible and ask questions of how we live" said Binoche, while Khan commented, "sometimes you have to stop being careful to really discover new terrains, after all, as one writer recently said "caution is the death of creativity"... so Juliette and I are willing to take that risk".

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