A film by Pascal Kané

Paris, October 1959, Julien Berg (Jérôme Zucca) is studying at a Parisian school to become a teacher. The ongoing war in Algeria has caused much agitation at the school as left leaning students clash with those who support the French intervention.


Julien is enchanted by the glamorous lives led by some of his fellow students especially the fashionable Giles (Philippe Caroit) who spends his time playing poker and watching American movies. Gilles introduces Julien to the world of private clubs dominated by Brinon (Jean-Pierre Kalfon), a politically shady character with much ego and few morals. At one of these parties Julien meets the young and beautiful Corrine (Anne-Laure Meury). Gilles also introduces Julien to Elise (Dominique Laffin) who is the girlfriend of their lecturer Vidal (André Dussollier).


To impress his friends Julien takes a risk and commits a "subversive action" within the school. This leads to him being expelled while recent law ensures that he is immediately drafted. Julien is determined to object and turns to Vidal for help. His naive actions have tragic consequences and result in Julien trying to escape to Germany with Elise.


In her first screen appearance Juliette Binoche appears in just single scene as a young girl abused by Brinon at a party attended by Julien and Corinne.


Liberty Belle premièred to acclaim at the 1983 Cannes Film Festival where it appeared in the Perspectives sidebar.

Julien Berg

Jérôme Zucca


Dominique Laffin


André Dussollier

Philippe Caroit

La mère
Anouk Ferjac

Girl at the party
Juliette Binoche

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