The Chicks


A film by Annick Lanoë

Written, directed, produced and performed by women, Annick Lanoë's Les Nanas, is a movie without men; A no man's land!


Les Nanas (The Chicks) is the story of Christine (Marie-France Pisier) who finds that her "life-partner", Robert, has been having an affair with Evelyne (Dominique Lavanant). Being a liberated woman, Christine refuses to put up with this situation, and supported by her girlfriends, who themselves are struggling to find their own Mr Right, she takes steps to get in touch with her love rival.


Writer/director Annick Lanoë, undertook to make the film inspired by her own girlfriends who she thought were funnier and more vivacious than those regularly portrayed on screen at the time. It took Lanoë several years to find a producer willing to produce the script she had co-penned with Chantal Pelletier. Lise Fayolle, one of the few female producers of the time, stepped up and brought Les Nanas to the screen.


Marie-France Pisier, Dominique Lavanant and Macha Méril headline the all female cast, with Juliette Binoche cast in the supporting role of Antoinette, a pregnant young woman, who is the sister of Robert, the Christine's unseen cheating lover.


A success in France, Les Nanas was Juliette Binoche's most significant screen role to date.


Marie-France Pisier


Dominique Lavanant


Macha Méril

La mère de Christine
Odette Laure

Catherine Samie

Juliette Binoche

Clémentine Célarié

Sophie Artur

with a special appearance by
as Odile

La Bonne épouse
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