Another Woman's Life

La Vie
d'une Autre

A film by Sylvie Testud

What would you do if you were given a second chance?


On the night of her 25th birthday, Marie meets the man of her dreams, Paul, and after a night of drinking and dancing, she and Paul go home together.


When Marie wakes, it is 15 years later. She is married to Paul, is the CEO of a large multinational company and has a young son, but she has no memory of the last 15 years. To make matters worse, her marriage is on the rocks, and Marie must now do everything she can to win back the man of her dreams.


Juliette Binoche and Mathieu Kassovitz headline this comedy drama about second chances directed by the celebrated actress Sylvie Testud and based on the novel by Frederique Deghelt.

Marie Speranski

Juliette Binoche

Paul Speranski

Mathieu Kassovitz


Aure Atika

Adam Speranski
Yvi Dachary-Le Béon

La Vie d'Une Autre
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"The morning after"


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"Making of La Vie d'une autre"


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La Vie d'une autre

"Thème Adam habillage" by André Dziezuk

"Thème Fly" by André Dziezuk


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La vie d'une autre

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