The Widow of Saint-Pierre

La Veuve
de Saint-Pierre

A film by Patrice Leconte


La Veuve de Saint-Pierre (The Widow of Saint-Pierre) is an epic romantic drama directed by Patrice Leconte, director of La Fille sur le Pont and Ridicule.


In 1850, on the isolated French island of Saint-Pierre, a murder shocks the natives. Two fishermen are arrested. One of them, Louis Ollivier, dies in custody, the other, Neel Auguste (Emir Kusturica), is sentenced to death by the guillotine. However the island is so small that it has neither a guillotine nor an executioner. While one is sent for, Auguste is placed under the supervision of the local army Captain (Daniel Auteuil).


The captain's compassionate wife, known as Madame La (Juliette Binoche),
takes an interest in the convict. Under her auspices, Auguste works hard and carries out a number of good deeds for the good of the community. The locals begin to see that he has changed, and Madame La begins a dangerous campaign to save him from execution. However, her struggle could carry severe consequences for her husband.


Nominated for Best Foreign Film at the Golden Globe Awards, La Veuve de
saw Juliette Binoche nominated for the 6th time as Best Actress in the César du Cinema awards.

Nominee: Best Actress

Les CésarS Du Cinema

Madame La

Juliette Binoche

Le Capitaine

Daniel Auteuil

Neel Auguste

Emir Kusturica

Michel Duchaussoy

Président Venot
Philippe MagnaN

Le Commissaire de la marine
Christian Charmetant

Chef Duannier
Philippe du Janerand

La Malvilain
Christine Lascault

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La Veuve de Saint-Pierre

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